Q: How do I use Chortopia to get chores done?

A: Group chores like a series of steps you want your child to do. At mealtime, create a Chore Set like this: Help with meal prep - Set the table - Eat healthy foods. Or at bedtime: Brush your teeth - Put on your Pajamas - Say your prayers. You will see that your little ones will want to do their chores right away so they can finish the story and receive their new character card.


Q: What is the Advenchore loop?

A: It’s the steps you take to use the app with your kids. Check out this infographic.

Q: Can I make my own custom chores?

A: Yes, in each chore category is a button at the top of the list for adding a new chore. Tap it and type in a custom chore. The new custom chore is then added to the list in that category.


Q: What is a Chore Set?

A: Chore Sets are groups of chores you want your child to do that day or in that moment. You can have 1 or up to 3 chores in a Chore Set.


Q: Can I set up a weekly chore chart?

A: Chortopia is for giving chores in the moment. However, you can use a chore chart you already have and encourage your child to do the chores on the chart by assigning them with Chortopia.


Q: What are Advenchores?

A: Advenchores are self contained story segments in a larger storyline. After assigning a set of chores, they are added to a story that the kids follow in the app. The stories have a dilemma that is resolved when the chores are completed and approved.


Q: How many Advenchores do I get with my purchase?

A: 10 fully illustrated and narrated story-based Advenchores come with each purchase. All 10 Advenchore stories make one large story we call a “Book”.


Q: What are the “Books” in the Chortopia store?

A: Books are what contain the story Advenchores and make up one large story.


Q: How many books do I buy to get the full story?

A: There are 4 books in this first series. Each book is a self contained story that adds to an overall storyline. The final book finishes the 4 book storyline and reveals the answers to all the mysteries.


Q: Does Chortopia work on more than one device?

A: Not yet. We like the idea that having Chortopia on one device encourages you and your child to spend time together. But we know it will be convenient to use separate devices, so that is something we plan to support in the future.


Q: Will Chortopia work for more than one child?

A: Yes! You can create up to 4 different child profiles. Each child will receive their own sets of chores and progress through the Advenchores using their profile.


Q: What information goes into a child profile? I’m concerned about privacy.

A: All information is kept local to your device. We do not collect or store any personal information.The only information you enter for a child profile is a name and picture. You can choose any name and the picture is optional. See our privacy policy at


Q: Will there be more “Books” in the Chortopia series so my kids can have fun doing chores?

A: Yes, we are currently working on the next series of “Books” with new characters, Advenchores, and a new overarching storyline.