Chortopia is a new and unique “chore app” available now in the Apple App store. An idea conceived and created by parents to address a universal parenting challenge, Chortopia presents a simple, yet effective, solution for the way families with young kids work together for the way families live together and manage their lives. Chortopia provides parents of children ages 56-8 with a creative and fun way to teach responsibility and positive behavior by turning chores into story “Advenchores”.

Chortopia offers a simple convenient solution that helps parents and kids get past the struggle of teaching work and responsibility succeed in the crucial role of teaching work and responsibility. It does this by creating a playful experience where kids learn to understand the benefits of helping out by transforming it into a playful experience where kids learn to understand the benefits of helping out and working together. Unlike typical “chore apps” that require parents to set up and manage complicated charts and reward systems, Chortopia simply blends short lists of tasks or behaviors parents choose into entertaining, illustrated and narrated stories called “Advenchores”. Kids “turn the pages” by completing their activities. While other “chore apps” ask parents to spend extra money and time purchasing expensive gifts, Chortopia relies on the provided in-app rewards of engaging stories and fun games played with collectible character cards.

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